Jairaldine Cruz

Design and Merchandise Director

Hi there! I am Jairaldine Cruz (pronounced Geraldine (or you can call me Jaira)), the Design and Merchandise Director here at Idea Network and a second year Information Technology User Experience Design student at UQ.

I design material used in our social media posts and other publications alongside Andrew, update the website http://uqidea.com, and handle all merchandise such as T-shirts. I am also a cofounder of the Southeast Asian company Aeonex which has just launched in Philippines! We are currently developing two subsidiaries so far: Aeonex Metro and Aeonex Media. These are exciting times! If you see me around campus, definitely come up to say hi and chat about your startup/ideas with me! I would love to listen.

Fun fact, I designed the Idea Hub collaboration space in Level 3 of Hawken Engineering Building. Do you like how fun and yellow it is?